Our Goals

Goal #1:
To assist people for whom or whose families justice was denied - on how to find the truth about their past and most painful historical events, especially those who were covered with public lies, and help them identify their roots and restore national and spiritual identity. Special effort will be offered to polish family members who lost their relatives in Katyn Massacre or suffered from discrimination or persecutions from communistic regime. Help will be extended also to other nationalities who are under oppression of other totalitarian systems.

How to achieve:
* Promoting Polish culture and spiritual heritage, history, arts including the writings and teachings of John Paul II.
* Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions about the historic battle for the national independence and promoting the knowledge about the history of political resistance fighters, as well as dramatic national history that never deserved public acknowledgement of human rights.
* Organizing pilgrimages, trips to places of special historical and spiritual values,
* Fund raising support to polish christian media especially those who are promoting the truth.

Goal #2:
To offer spiritual programs to bring healing for those who experienced psychological discrimination, violence, death, or any form of physical, verbal or sexual abuse in their own personal history or in generational tree. This will include also psychological support for traumatized survivors and their families to restore their psychological, emotional and functional well-being. These activities have goal to assist those affected by violence in breaking the curse of dysfunctional life style as late consequences of trauma and re-establish new, healthy habits. Efforts will be made to reach out and to professionally minister to those who experience sexual abuse and assist them in restoration of sexual integrity.

How to achieve:
* Organizing healing services, retreats, Masses for Healing of Generational Tree and seminars dealing with forgiveness based on Christian teachings and values.
* Organizing different therapy workshops, seminars, retreats, trainings, group therapies and therapeutic counseling with the participation of mental health professionals, cognitive therapy specialists, leaders and ministers.
* Assist women who experienced different forms of abuse, including domestic violence and co-dependency.
* Whenever necessary social assistance and offering financial help for legal advice for victims of active abuse and violence.
* Organizing seminars and “Daniel Fasting” retreats for those affected by pressure, stress and traumatic events to provide guidelines on how to distress the life and to assistance on how to restore and re-orient habits for balanced, healthy life style and biblical nutrition.
* Offering charity support system, charity health care, health fairs, screening for civilization and life style disorders, providing individual counseling including Christian therapy, healthy diet and healthy life style modification seminars, treatment of food and stress disorders.

Goal #3:
* To raise funds for the purpose of above projects and purposes including covering the costs of organization of above activities as well costs of participation of those marginalized and mostly materially deprived, covering costs of participation of those members who minister and organize the above events.
* Fund raising and collection of donations for the charity projects and organization assets that will be serving the charitable purposes (health care facility equipment, audio/video equipment etc).
* Raising funds to support running charity projects and church non-profit organization with similar purpose to help victims of trauma.

Goal #4:
Providing support for formation and an on-going training of members of the association and community to become professional leaders, counselors, ministers through supporting their participation in leadership trainings, lectures, seminars, retreats, conferences, especially financially supporting their participation in trainings held at distant location.