Katyn – Unwritten Testament

Series of seminars, conferences, exhibitions open for the public to enhance historical knowledge about history “covered with the lie of the earth”

Short introduction “Why Katyn Unwritten Testament?”

   Thunwritten_testament2e wounds of the Katyn massacre are still not healed.. It was not only Almost 2 million Poles who were personally affected by this murder, but this is also the tragedy of the whole nation who lost the best flower of the whole society. … Seeing the photos, reading the letters written to the prisoners, we want to invite YOU to touch history of human beings and their love so brutally cut by soviet tortures, to take part in their lives and their families… However, sharing their stories, at the heart of their drama, we want to highlight their victory that is hidden in their defeat…According to John Paul II, victory of truth must sometimes be preceded by the apparent success of lies. There would be no resurrection without crucifixion. Officers did not have to die... As prisoners, they were very careful investigated for their readiness to compromise and to show disposition to fit to the communistic system.



Letter found in the pocket of one of shot officer: “Dearest Daddy!!! Why are you not coming back? Mammy says, that with these pencils that you gave me…"

   The purpose of the violence was not only to kill them. They were being punished for their values and for anti-conformist attitude towards the totalitarian system that was based on lies and deception. This was a shot in their core values that were meaning of their lives such as their Christian faith, hopes, and the love for their country.
Through their sufferings, we want to see not only the horrors but also to find a lasting testament of those who died: to the perseverance of the human spirit, TO the honor, TO the faith… Although they remain silent, they left for us "unwritten will"…It is a challenge for us to embrace it and continue the heritage: heritage of unbroken spirit, courage, integrity and boldness in standing for highest values like freedom, independence and Christian faith… Katyn – Unwritten Testament is ultimately a celebration of human freedom in Christ and its power to triumph over evil, lie and hatred…