Katyn Massacre: Memory and Forgiveness

Exhibition by John Paul II Institute of Intercultural Dialogue, Cracow, Poland featuring the message to Katyn Families about forgiveness by John Paul II.

   The exhibition is a reminder of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. During this time, the John Paul II Institute of Intercultural Dialogue in Krakow in cooperation with the Krakow branch of the Institute of National Remembrance and Archives of the Cracow Metropolitan Curia has prepared an exhibition " The Katyn Massacre. Remembrance and forgiveness "

   During 2011 and 2012 this exhibition in its abbreviated form, was made available by JPII Institute for the presentation and in the U.S. by members of the Katyn Families of New York, represented by "Memory and Identity" Association.

   At the exhibition you can see the personal belongings of officers murdered in Katyn, provided by the Archives of the Metropolitan Curia. There were among them: ID cards murdered, private correspondence, photos, business cards, notepads, medals and medical certificates issued by the Soviets after such vaccination camp in Kozielsk. Archival came from folders of 32 persons whose corpses were found during the exhumation in 1943, the documents made ​​available to visitors because of the conservation recommendations and were subject to successive exposure time set by the archivists.

   An important element of the exhibition is an account of the pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II to Ukraine, during which the 24 June 2001 John Paul II went to pray for the victims in a cemetery in Bykovnia. The exhibition recalls the word of John Paul II said to the audience of the Katyn Families in the Clementine Hall 13 April 1996, which stresses the importance of the memory of the tragic events of Katyn, Kharkov and Mednoye and the power of forgiveness.