“Memory & identity”  is Non-Profit organization as initiative of Katyn Family members who live now in USA:  sons, daughters as well as grandchildren and friends of polish officers who were condemned to death by Stalin in March 5th 1940 and murdered by shooting by Soviets in 1940 in Katyn, Charkov and Ostaszkow, USSR.

   ksiazka “Memory and Identity” is the title of the last book by Pope John Paul II written just before his death in 2005. The book is summary of his whole life experience as pilgrim and Christ witness on earth during XX century that proved to be the scene for the greatest tragedies and dramas in the history of humanity. Pope John Paul II expresses here many convictions that are inspiring and nurturing the human spirit to “cross the threshold of hope” in the time of distress and oppression. Watching the battle between good and evil, Pope analyses the effect of such profound traumas including this by totalitarian systems on human individual: his spirituality and psychological being.

   Our mission is to extend John Paul’s II message about Christ's victory above evil to all those around us who need healing and hope and provide professional help to victims of trauma from different sources